Kinase assays

November 12, 2021


ICE has been developing Kinase assays for many years, now we have >450 targets ready-to-screen compounds in HTS format. ICE has stable protein resources, some are commercially available, some are purified and qualified in-house using biochemical assay, once the protein could give enough assay window in the assay, like ADP-Glo assay, HTRF assay, Alphalisa assay, FP binding assay, etc., and show consistent EC50 data of reference compound as published, then team will make large batch of protein for further HTS or crystallization analysis.


ICE’s team has various methods to validate biochemical assays, start with protein purification, substrate and assay buffer optimization, also we could do quite a lot with client’s chemistry team to synthesize novel tracer/probe for competitive binding assay validation.

For kinases screening, we could offer 1 week lead time on assay optimization for common target and 1-2 days lead time on routine screening. ICE also provides Kinase panels screening with 310-target list, and now we are expanding target up to 400 targets.


Welcome warmly discussion or zoom meeting if you have any interest on GPCRs at ICE!

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