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Biochemical assays provide extensive knowledge in biomolecular functions, which has been a routine and reliable component in target characterization, hit validation and hit-to-lead optimization.  ICE have developed, optimized and run many different types of biochemical assays to support clients' drug discovery project.

1、assay type: enzymatic assay, binding assay, PPI assay

2、assay methods:                                                                                                                                       

# Colorimetric assays (absorbance, etc.)                                                                                                  

# Fluorometric assays (FP, FRET, FI, HTRF/TR-FRET, etc.)                                                                      

# Luminescent assays (ELISA, AlphaLisa, BRET, ADP-Glo/Kinase Glo assay, etc.)                             

# Gel-based assays (WB, etc.)


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