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Apoptosis Pathway Assays

Inhibitors of apoptosis are a group of proteins that mainly act on the intrinsic pathway that block programmed cell death, which can frequently lead to cancer or other effects for the cell if mutated or improperly regulated. Many of these inhibitors act to block caspases, a family of cysteine proteases that play an integral role in apoptosis. Some of these inhibitors include the Bcl-2 family, viral inhibitor crmA, and IAP's.  Inhibiting anti-apoptotic proteins such as IAPs or Bcl-2 by administering drug combinations to patients can skew the balance leading to cell death for the successful treatment of many types of cancer.                                                     

# ICE supplies IC50 test and 2 points screening                                                                                     

# Fast turnaround time, 2-3 workdays after recieving samples                                                         

# Please contact us for assay development and custom-tailored screening format


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