ICE Bioscience was founded in 2010, an Innovative CRO+ Explorer company focusing in early drug discovery services from target validation to pre-clinical candidate identification, with strong capabilities and technologies in Immunology and Oncology, Cardiovascular and CNS diseases areas. ICE Bioscience provides high professional communication and flexible collaboration models, to speed up drug discovery process better and faster.

ICE Bioscience has wide target-based panel screening platform ready-to-use, we keep trying to expand diverse techniques related to Biology and Pharmacology, to support various drug discovery purpose for different indications and clinical needs, we do have quite a lot of new assays development experience and passion, to accomplish target identification and assay validation, compounds screening from hit to lead, to pre-clinical drug candidate selection.

Currently ICE Bioscience could provide 100+ ion channels, 800+ Kinases/enzymes, 100+ GPCRs, 40+ nuclear receptors assays on shelf with validation data and screening information which has competitive advantage in China covering most of the druggable targets. The company already established multiple platforms for Protein purification, Biochemistry, Immunology, Oncology, Electrophysiology, in vitro Cardiac and CNS Pharmacology, off-target safety evaluation, Cardiac safety evaluation, PK-ADMET etc., we are able to make DMTA cycle (Design-Make-Test-Analysis cycle) running smoothly for innovative drug discovery together with client. We have successfully collaborated with 600+ clients in the past and got wide acclaim.

ICE Bioscience has 7000 m2 lab in two buildings, 160 members by the end of 2021, with state-of-the-art instruments costed >8 million $, two Oversea High-level Talents and Beijing Distinguished Experts major on CNS and Cardiac fields. ICE Bioscience also gained National High-tech Enterprises and Z-PARK High Tech Enterprise titles according to the effort on innovative research. We successfully supported more than 300 biotech companies and >10 IND studies in 2021, now we are expanding quickly and hope to give higher quality service for more clients and collaborate with more entities focusing on innovative studies in 2022.